Sometimes, when I go somewhere to take photographs, I come back home with hundreds of photos. I download to my computer and start looking at them. And I think, this is a set that should not be broken.
I remember when I've looked at other photographers' works and wondered what other photos did they take that day at that place at that time.
And I say, the hell with it, I'll put them all* online and keep the set intact.

Street photos, Santa Monica & LA  
LACMA- Saturday Night Party 11-15-2008 
Hummingbirds - a different perspective
Graduation at Cal Poly Pomona 
Long Beach GP 2008
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, near midnight Saturday night  
Civil War Reenactment, 3/2009, in Sepia or Color  
LA Auto Show 2008  
Many of my travel photo sets are big too. They are listed under travel on my sitemap.
 *I do edit them down a bit. I try to keep it to just 100+!

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