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Amboseli NP Kenya

And doesn't let us change her path.

As she walks toward the distant trees.

That bunch of dots along the horizon is a heard of maybe 100 elephants, all moving along single file.

A closer view of a few of them. The white dots are the egrets that hang around with them.

That's Amboseli National Park - wall to wall elephants.

Moving on.

Nice thing about being in the park off season is the lack of tourists and safari van traffic. This is about as crowded as we saw it.

Elephants like to cover themselves with mud. Note the two really young ones and one slightly older.

Everywhere you looked....elephants.

Two guys fighting, but we don't know if it's just playing.

We spotted this beautiful leopard.

Closer view. What a handsome animal!

Moves gracefully too.

The fading evening sun outlines the shape of the body.

Then it bounded off into the distance.

That's Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

One of its rare appearances. Mostly it hides in the clouds.

Crowned cranes.

Another pair of elephants sparring. disturbing the egrets too.

Maybe they are just playing around.

Elephant with entourage.

They just ignore the safari vans.

A fish eagle on the shore of a swamp.

Hippo and a flock of geese at the swamp.

Sunsets are an African cliche, but they are cool.

This is a sunrise.