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Chaminuka, Zambia

Papayas on the tree.

John, our guide for walks and drives at Chamanuka, was also very knowledgeable.

Termites on a tree.

An unusual birds nest with a small entry hole on the side.

The elephant family living at Chaminuka.

Their handler was nervous - these are not trainied elephants. Shortly after this photo, he stomped off.

We went down to check out the lions - which we never saw - but turned around to find this hyena a few feet from us - fortunately behind a strong fence.

Another boring African sunset.

A few minutes later.

And the wide angle view.

The last morning, the lake was covered in fog.

Quite a nice view.

This one too. You cannot see them from here but a fish eagle and two other large birds are perched in the small tree near the left side.

And finally, I was a millionaire on this frip for a few days. I went to the bank and got $200 in Zambian currency (Kwacha) at 5000 to the dollar.