Castle Hill Concours de'Elegance

September 21, 1997

It was a gorgeous day, cool and sunny, and it seemed like everybody was there! Besides the great "judged" cars, there were hundreds of others who, like me, just showed up and we directed to park on the promenade to the sea!

Here's my quick images (courtesy of my HP digital camera). Click on the thumbnail for the full size (~80K) picture.

A view of the event Here's a wide angle view of the crowd (people and cars)

Farther view And a view from even farther away, showing the nose of my '57 Giulietta .

Dave Yager's alfa 1900 Zagato Dave Yager's Alfa 1900 Zagato - note the "double bubble" roof.

The cockpit of Dave's car The cockpit of Dave's car. Real 50's chrome and flash! The Americans had nothing on the Italians during this era.

Lance Reventlow's Scarab Lance Reventlow's Scarab, not a car you see everyday.

A coachbuilt Cadillac Incredible - it's a coachbuilt Cadillac

Joe Grazado's GTC and 2600 Sprint Alfas Joe Grazado's GTC and 2600 Sprint Alfas

Brothers? Brothers? Or just a coincidence?

Honestly, there was too much to photograph everything. I counted a half dozen Bugattis, as many McLaren F1s as Ferraris (2 each), lots of 30's era cars, a Siata, Cisitalia, D Jag, and a ton of American cars of the 50s and 60s. Don't miss it next year!

Jim Hayes