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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Park is in the middle of the desert north of Palm Springs. That's the desert.

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It's rugged, mountains that rise out of the desert. See the dark line going across the middle of the photo?

That's the San Andreas Fault South of the park!

Here you can see how the fault is in the valley between ranges of mountains.

Look the other direction and it's rocks - and towering clouds.

Rocks of all shapes

Rocks often covered with people climbing them

And quite a few other creatures - rattlesnakes for instance

And big lizards - this guy was ~18"

More rocks with peopel crawling up them and - see the hole?

Hanging out

Another view of the same hole in the rocks that looks like a skull from this angle

And a close up

Rocks with names

Precarious rocks

And of course cactus and sun - lots of sun

Different types of cactus

And more cactus

Cactus and rocks

People climbing rocks

People learning how to climb rocks - yep a rock-climbing school

Rocks and dried up trees, crushed under rockslides

One of my favorite signs of all times!

Odd shaped rocks

Really odd

Joshua tree has one big water hole around Barker Dam

More cactus


Odd rocks galore

Wind must be shaping them

We were there in April for the wildflowers

cactus was in bloom too

Nasty but beautiful

This is the core of a dead cactus

Almost as many types of cactus as rocks

Cactus blooms

Another unique sign - must be a story here but I have not been able to track it down

Even birds next in the desert

Odd dead cactus base

I think its a lichen

The hole in the rock looks mandmade? Indians grinding corn?

We'll end with this colorful dried palm