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Beirut, Lebanon

These 3 photos show the Jupiter Temple courtyard

These 3 photos show the Jupiter Temple courtyard

Columns from the Jupiter Temple. Note the size of the people!

Us with the Bacchus Temple

Columns of the Jupiter Temple. Note no flutes on the columns but Corinthian capitals

Remains of columns and the snow covered mountains

These are the biggest columns I have ever seen!

The Temple of Bacchus is one of the best preserved

Inside the Temple of Bacchus

This is much smaller than the Temple of Jupiter but still pretty darned big!

There is some controversy over who is depicted here - maybe Cleopatra? Note the snake over her.

Little remains of the giant Jupiter Temple

Entry to the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Elegant hillside hotel in Ksara

Lunch in Ksara

Lady making a Lebanese bread called marqooq. She flattens it with a pillow.

Hookahs are a popular pastime

US influence is everywhere

Caves of Ksara are now a winery

I remember when….

Kick up your heels - or toes - and it could hurt

Claes Oldenberg influenced display

Mercury's shoes?

This is known as the whale of Beirut, an unfinished building that looks like a whale from the side

Beirut still shows the scars of the civil war

Two famous rocks in the Mediteranean - photo taken from our lunch table

We visited an amazing cave complex in Jeita, but no photos were allowed in the caves. See

Lebanon is very hilly along the coast so they terrace for agriculture

Riding cable cars at the Jeita caverns

Jeita has lots of strange sculpture

Like this giant's foot

Or this modeled on Greek friezes

Gears on the dam on the river flowing out of the cave