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Dubai and Abu Dhabi

View from the Burj Kalafi tower observation deck on the 120th floor

Looking up at the top of the Burj tower from the observation deck

Looking down on the Dubai Mall, the world's largest

In another direction

Traffic intersection

Looking North toward the Arabian Sea

Karen looks at a wind tunnel model of the tower while I play photographer


Dress for women was quite varied

Hmmm, not quite opaque!

Hallway at the Burj

Cassim's iPhone shows the world and Palm - man-made islands

On the beach. We were told the water gets so hot in the summer it will boil an egg

Dubai is an architects' playground - Burj Al Arab Hotel

Atlantis Resort on the Palm Is.

This is not Bubai, it's Marina City, another development on the way to Abu Dhabi

To the right of Marina City is the power plant/water purification plants

Architecture in Marina City

And a few yachts

These plants generate power and distill water

Power is expensive but water - water costs more than gas per gallon to purify!

Palm 3 and Palm 1 are undeveloped. This is the unfinshed bridge to Palm 3

Mostly identifiable veggies in a supermarket

Those tomatoes were that red - probably hydroponic

Desk in the form of an airplane wind, in - believe it or not - Bloomingdales of Dubai

A building in Abu Dhabi

Marina City

Another strange building on the way to Abu Dhabi

And two more

Near Abu Dhabi, the photo is tilted cuz the building is too