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Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, near Midnight Saturday

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, about midnight on Saturday night. With the requisite Bentley parked on the street.

Some good architecture, like the unknown Frank Lloyd Wright building

And unique window displays

Missing the mannequins

The top of the Chanel building

The whole building - back side on the parking lot!

Looking up at the Chanel sign

Nonstop fashion videos

Gears in the ceiling of one building

Stairs to the roof

More stairs

Ornate chandeliers

Even more ornate!

A butterfly chandelier

Window display - wonder who he is?

Cutout paper dolls at a jewelry store

Another window

Blood Diamond, projected on the sidewalk outside deBeers

Display window

Crystal balls on door pulls

Too tempting to use it as a lens

To get a fish-eye view inside the store

There's this place with oval peepholes in the sidewalk.

Beautiful curved staircase

Reflections in a window

Photo at the top of a staircase

A photo of what else?

the deBeers building

Victim of the economy