Two Laps At California Speedway and Willow Springs

Since moving to southern California in 2003, I have done some instructing at some of the local tracks for club schools. For my first time at Buttonwillow, I found the track tours done by the Golden Gate PCA of some of the tracks that are really informative. Since nothing like this existed for California Speedway or Willow Springs, I did my own versions.

Each of my pages is a tour of the course - two laps from pit out to pit in - to acquaint you with the track.

There are about 100 still photos showing two laps around each track. The tours include my notes just as I teach my students the line and visual reference points to focus on.

Disclaimer: These course "tours" were created by myself alone and are intended strictly for informational purposes, allowing drivers to familiarize themselves with the courses. It is not sanctioned by the course itself or any group running events there. The comments I make are my personal observation and/or opinion and should not be construed as being instructions for driving the course, as any driver must make their own judgements of how to drive on any racetrack. Driving on a racetrack at high speeds is potentially dangerous and may result in bodily harm or damage to your car. I specifically disclaim any responsibility for anyone using this material as a guide to the track and how to drive there. That means, in simple terms, if you go there and do something dumb, you are on your own - don't try to sue me!

Jim Hayes

July 20, 2004


Here are the tours:

California Speedway

Willow Springs



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