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Hollyhock House

The Hollyhock House was designed by FLW for Aline Barnsdall who moved to LA, hired FLW to build his first house in LA and she never lived in it! (

In 1927, Aline Barnsdall gave Hollyhock House and eleven surrounding acres to the City of Los Angeles for use as a public art park in memory of her father, Theodore Barnsdall.

Photos were taken during several visits, including at dusk.

Wright designed a structure fitting to his image of SoCal, picking up a Mayan style he used for other LA houses.

The design elements are typical of FLW's SoCal Houses. We'll let the designs speak for themselves for a few photos.

FLW designed the planter along the entrance.

Two things are really impressive about the Hollyhock house - the windows and the fireplace which is featured later.

Looking in the windows during restoration