Galapagos Adventure, June 2001


Galapagos Itinerary

Wednesday, June 6
AM: Sante Fe (also known as Barrington Island)
PM: South Plaza Island, iguanas, batchelor seals, birds


 Wednesday, we started at Sante Fe or Barrington Is. It had a beautiful bay and a nice hike. In the afternoon, we moved to South Plaza Is. which is populated by lots of iguanas and various birds.

Here's Fred, a land iguana that Richard has noted living under the same cactus for over a dozen years. Check out that smile! These ignuanas eat the cactus leaves, but if they can't reach them, they have to wait for them to fall.

   These land iguanas live in burrows which they can dig themselves or find under rocks. Look carefully and you'll see an iguana under the rock.
   Here's an unusual picture - a pile or marine iguanas with a land iguana under them. The yellow color is typical of the land iguanas of South Plaza.
   As we pulled out of the harbor between North and South plaza to head to our next stop, the sunset behind us was georgeous!


Next stop - Darwin Bay on Genovesa or Tower Is.


Thursday, June 7

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