Galapagos Adventure, June 2001


Friday, June 8
AM: Isabela , Caleta Tagus, Darwin Lake, climbing a 500 foot crater.
PM: Fernandina, Punta Espinosa, lava flows


   Friday, we were on the west coast of Isabella at Caleta Tagus (Tagus Cove), a place long used as anchorage by pirates and whalers (many of whom left greetings as grafitti on the rocks surrounding the cove!) Here we are looking down on the cove with Darwin Lake - formed by a volcano - in the foreground.
   Isabella also had lots of birds - none too shy. This is a ground Finch.
   And this beauty is a Yellow Warbler.
   We took a long panga ride to look for birds, especially penguins. Here are a couple of them swimming near us.
   And here are two more on shore.
   Richard also hung precariously off the boat and grabbed several starfish for us to see. They were brightly colored and lively!


For the afternoon, we went to Fernandina, the westernmost island of the Galapagos. It is also the youngest island in the Galapagos, and is formed from volcanic activity which continues, most recently in 1995. We landed on Punta Espinosa, a narrow peninsula with lots of unusual animals and a fascinating lava field.

   On Fernandina, we tramped over some rugged lava beds, where Richard showed us the different types of lava that flow during an eruption. Notice how wide the crack is. It was caused during cooling of the lava and was quite deep.
   Even on rock and with only brackish water, Mangroves manage to take hold.
   Here is a Hawk.
   And this is a flightless Cormorant. They feed by swimming to catch fish.
   This is a bed of marine iguanas.
   Look closely and you will see several young ones.


Next stop: Santiago and Bartholomew on our last full day.

Saturday, June 9

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