Photography By Jim Hayes


I am an amateur photographer who owes my interest in photography to Howard Wolery, my high school art teacher who got me interested in sports cars, art and photography. Howard had great taste, driving Alfas and Porsches, shooting Leicas and Hasselblads. I bought a Leica M2 in the early 60s and kept it for almost 15 years before succumbing to the lure of the SLR (Pentax Spotmatic, then Nikons). When I met my wife Karen, we shared an interest in cars, art and travel, and I take photos everywhere we go. While I do lots of travel photos and landscapes like the Grand Canyon above, I do have a preference to abstracts and the absurd! In the last decade, befitting my high tech interests, I've moved into digital photography, not so much for it's abilities for image manipulation as its convenience and ability to produce images comparable to film, plus its ease of sharing over the web. These are simply some of my images I like.

(c) 2009, Jim Hayes. Contact me for permission to use any of these photos. I’m very accommodating!

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