Books on Racing - How To, Technique, Manuals, etc.

Jim Hayes's Collection

I've been collecting "how to" books on sports car racing, including race driving technique, car preparation, running a race team, etc. When I started, I figured there were a dozen books on the subject, but I've already found over 6 dozen!
The lot has been given to the Watkins Glen International Motor Racing Research Center for their collection.


Title Author Publication Date
Club Motor Racing Jim Gavin ?
Handbook of Motor Racing Marshalling 1950s
Racing Drivers Handbook Quisenberry, Jimmy 1950
Racing a Sports Car Mortimer, Charles 1951 (2)
Controlling a Racing Car Team Davis, S.C.H. 1951
Speed From The Sports Car Calculus 1951
Car Driving as an Art Davis, S.C.H. 1952
Come Motor Racing With Me Ian Nickols 1954
Stirling Moss's Book of Motorsport Moss, Stirling 1955
The Autosport Directory Lloyd, Nevil 1955
Sports Car Rallies, Trials & Gymkhanas Hebb, David & Peck, Authur 1956
Guide to Competition Driving O'Shea, Paul 1957 Hard & Soft versions
Motor Racing Davis, S.C.H. 1957
The Racing Driver Jenkinson, Denis 1958
The Technique of Motor Racing Taruffi, Piero 1959
Sports Car Events Clarke, Robert 1959
Modified Motoring Sprinzel, John 1959
Jack Brabham's Motor Racing Book Brabham, Jack 1960
Come Motor Racing With Me Rodney Walkerley 1960 For the younger enthusiast
Getting Ready to Race Anderson, Dick 1962
Tackle Motor Sport This Way Berg, Ivan 1962
Tricks of the Racing Trade Stiles, Phil 1962
Competition Driving (HB) Frere, Paul 1963
Sports Car & Competition Driving Frere, Paul 1963
Competitive Driving Peter Roberts ed 1964 (2)
Road Racing USA Jackson, Robert 1964
Modern Motor Sport Bradford, L.E. 1964
The Art & Technique of Driving Moss, Pat & Carlsson, Erik 1965
The Ford Book of Competition Motoring Jim Clark and Alan Brinton 1965 Overview (2)
L'Ecole Du Pilotage Piero Taruffi 1966
Amateur Racing Driver T.P. C. Tapper 1966 Not really a manual!
L'Ecole Du Pilotage Piero Taruffi 1966
A Guide To American Sports Car Racing Stone, William & Dain, martin 1967
Getting Ready to Race Anderson, Dick & Stone, Bill 1968
Motor Racing in Safety Henderson, Michael 1968
New Guide To Rallying Reid, Larry 1969
Go Formula Ford Brian Smith 1969 (2)
Jim Russel Int'l. Racing Drivers School Staff 1970s
How to Start Single Seater Racing Smith, Brian 1970
Driving in Competition Johnson, Alan 1971
NYTimes Complete Guide to Auto Racing Radosta, John 1971
Road Racing in America Engel, Lyle 1971
Theory and Practice of High Speed Driving Walter Honegger 1971
Road Racing In America Lyle Kenyon Engel 1971
The Theory and Practice of High Speed Driving Walter Honegger 1971
Driving in Competition Johnson, Alan 1972
Racing Drivers' Manual Gardner, Frank 1973 2 copies
International Motor Racing Nye, Doug 1973
Finding the Groove Higdon, Hal 1973
Stock Car Driving Benny Parsons & Steve Smith 1973
The Way to Win Turner, Stuart 1974
High Performance Driving Peterson, Paul 1974
High Performance Driving Paul Peterson 1974
Race Car Driver's School Ed & Dan Radlauer 1975
The Art & Science of Grand Prix Driving Lauda, Niki 1975
How To Watch Motor Sport Moss, Stirling 1975
The Racer's Complete Reference Guide Landis, Bob 1976
Competition Driving Marshall, Gerry 1979
Under the Green McDonald, Johnny 1979
The Concise Dictionary of Motorsport Bishop, George 1979
Race Car Driver Kaatz, Evelyn 1979
How To Go Racing at Bonneville John Thawley 1980
The Racer's Dictionary Alexander, Don & Brock, John 1980
Complete Handbook of Automobile Hobbies Kims, Beverly Rae 1981
Playboy's Guide to Rallying, Racing and Sports Car Driving Neely, William 1981
Showroom Stock Road Racing as a Real Hobby Mike Carney 1982
Vintage and Historic Car Racer's Handbook and Directory Ortenburger, Dennis 1982
National Speedway Directory Furguson, Ross & Nannette 1982
Driving to Win Holbert, Al & Bob 1982
High Performance Driving Bondurant, Bob 1982
Drive It! The Complete Book of F2 Motor Racing Tristan Wood 1984
The Drivers Handbook Scott, Peter 1984
High Performance Driving Training Manual Bondurant, Bob 1984
Getting Started in Motorsports Turner, Stuart & Mason, Tony 1985
The Art of Motor Racing Fittipaldi, Emerson 1987
Racing Drivers Manual Roos, Bertil 1987
Driver Training Manual McKeever, Dan for Cal Club 1988
Road Car Racing and Preparation Terry Grimwood 1989 2
Making A Start In Motorsport Simon Arron 1989
Competition Driving Alain Prost 1989 2
Secrets of Solo Racing Henry Watts 1989 2
How to Reach the Top as a Comp. Driver Turner, Stuart & Tayleo, John 1991
So You Want to Go Racing Webb, John 1991 (2)
Racer's Travel Guide To NA Tracks Judy Preston 1991
Sports Car & Competition Driving Frere, Paul 1992
Principles of Performance Driving Stewart, Jackie 1992
Driving Ambitions Fix, Lauren Jonas 1993
Racer's Guide to the Universe Sakkis, Tony 1993
Think to Win Alexander, Don 1994
Racing Ahead Glyn Thomas 1995
Drive To Win Smith, Carroll 1996
Going Faster Lopez, Carl 1997
Speed Secrets Bentley, Ross 1998
The Successful Race Driver Robert Metcalf 2000
Inner Speed Secrets Bentley, Ross & Ronn Langford 2000



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