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Boston and NYC June 2012

Only in NY, sign in the window of a store selling ONLY rice pudding!

This is another one you would probably only find in NYC

Mural on Lombardi's

NYC is Grafitti-ville

What's so abstract about their air?

Betcha you did not know you could order it for home delivery!

Stairway in New Museum

Men's room, New Museum. Karen reports the ladies room is blue.

Chairs, dark theater

Display, birds, New Museum

Shadow of statue, Metropolitan Museum

And if elected, I promise a big bottle of ketchup on every table!

Art in NY City Hall garden. It's a real brand.

View from our hotel room. Building at top right is new World Trade Center

Another skyline, from the New Museum roof. World Trade Center in the center of the photo

New World Trade Center

We got to visit the Sept 11 Memorial which is not yet finished

Looking up

Sept 11 Memorial

Composite of the memorial pool