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Beirut, Lebanon

Ancient column heads and lush growth

Even cactus

Us at the Mouawad Museum

Surveillance cameras everywhere

Extremely large Roman Baths in Beirut, 2 blocks from our hotel

On the other side of the street from our hotel was a new shopping area filled with high end and designer shops. This was a display of Ducati Motorcycles at a jeweler.

Definitely NOT a burqua!

We saw some unique outdoor furniture

And an arty shopping cart

Neon lit shelves in a grocery

Seafood salad

These little birds are a Lebanese delicacy - Asafeer

More nice fruit

And veggies - so neat

We visited Anjar, an 8th century city on the road from Beirut to Damascus (close to the Syrian border)

Wide main road into Anjar

Amazingly fragile looking structures. The wll behind is blocks separated by bricks to make them more earthquake proof

Reconstructed features

This looked like some artists conception of structures in the low gravity of Mars, they are so delicate

They just seem to have no mass

Our guide, knowledgeable and nice

The snow covered western mountains. If you look closely you can see hunderds of houses in the town of Anjar and the herd of sheep.

A mosque in Baalbeck, a monument to someone, with a gold dome

Baalbek had 3 temples, one to Venus, the least well preserved, Jupiter, the largest and Bacchus, the best preserved.

The temple to Venus is the least well preserved

Entrance to the temple of Jupiter

In the courtyard

Baalbek is enormous - the building of this complex must have rivaled the pyramids. See

Courtyard of the Jupiter Temple. A church was built here in the Middle Ages

Looking from the Jupiter Temple courtyard toward the Bacchus Temple

This is one side of the Jupiter Temple

Stairs to the Jupiter Temple

These 3 photos show the Jupiter Temple courtyard