Trip to Turkey (and London) in April 2010

In April, 2010, we had arrangements to do a seminar in Istanbul and needed to meet with a business associate about  the FOA in England, which crossed paths with son Dan's backpacking around the world trip. We had been wanting to visit the Greek Isles and see the ancient sites in the area but the country was in meltdown and on strike, plus Karen's cousin had been stationed in Turkey in the 70s and loved it, so we decided to concentrate on Turkey. It was a good decision as the ancient sites are spectacular, the people are friendly and laid-back, and the cost is much lower.
So here are some photos from our trip with comments. There are 4 sections and each one has a bunch of photos, so you need to view multiple pages to see them all.

And if you want to follow Dan's world tour, here is his blog.

Here is a guide to the navigation of the photo pages.  You can click on any photo for a bigger version and then navigate among the photos in the same way using the buttons on the top left-hand corner.

Navigating the photo pages

Greek and Roman Sites in Turkey  
Temple of Zeus

Historic Sites in Istanbul  
Blue Mosque

Photos from Turkey and a Boat Trip on the Bosporus  
Where are we

A Few Photos from Our Stopover in London  
Big Ben in London

(c) 2010 Jim Hayes