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Wingspread, Racine, WI

Stairs to the upstairs/mezzanine

View from mezzanine to main floor

If you brave the narrow spiral staircase, you get a spectacular view from the dome.

The hearth is in concrete and similar to the one Michael built for us

No surprise - a FLW house with lots of windows has lots of leaks

Hallway in the wing with bedrooms above

Flooring in the bedroom wing is plywood set on edge - very unusual.

Closeup of the floor

Daughter Karen had the best room in the house with a cantilevered balcony

Built-in desk

Karen's balcony

Karen's balcony from outside

The original master bedroom is now a library. The table is FLW but the chairs are commercial.

Windows into the hall from master bedroom provides ventilation

View of entry from bedroom wing