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In California, you drive a lot. And there are a few accidents on the freeways, so you see them occasionally. If you carry a camera all the time, like I do, you can get pictures of many of these accidents as you slowly pass them in traffic, either caused by blocked lanes, or rubbernecking.

Here are some I've seen.

Let's start with this one, which we saw within a couple of weeks of arriving on the 5 near Del Mar. It's on another page with the caption " This Ford Explorer disproves the theory that suburbanites never take their SUV "off road.""

This Nissan Sentra was "planted" in an embankment on 78 in San Marcos. Not sure how that happened.
This Scion XA was rolled on the 210 near Pasadena. You see lots of rollovers, probably when the driver drops their Starbucks in their crotch while talking on their cell.
Another rollover, this time a GM pickup on the 15 NB south of Corona. You see lots of rolled pickups, but this one was a doozie.
The right front wheel was completely ripped off. The driver was on a gurney, condition unknown.
This trailer truck rolled on the 405 just south of LAX. We thought it was full of dirt, but no, it was acetone and alcohol; the dirt was dumped on it to absorb leaks.
And this is what the 405 looked like - empty, as all the traffic was diverted for hours on the day before Thanksgiving. Groan.
Christmas Day on the 210 again. GM pickup rolled on its side.  
 And what part of "This vehicle makes wide right turns" don't you understand?
Tecnically not a "wreck," but the aftermath of one. We see these guardrail pretzels often.

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