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I'm not sure what's more disturbing about this Bentley with the chromatic paint. The fact that someone did it to a car this expensive, or that it was parked outside a design show!?
They even painted the %^&*()_+ emblem!  
That's my F150 with the 8 foot bed in the background. You really need a truck like this to carry a go-kart.
But compared to a MINI, any full size truck looks enormous. The total length of the MINI, by the way, is the exact same length as the wheelbase on my F150.
If you think those trucks look silly at a kart track, you should see them in downtown Santa Monica!

Or in Beverly Hills.

Now which do you think is the "SMART" Car?

From your answer, we can deduce your true leanings!

Photo by Dan Hayes

In case you wonder where I stand - the truck hauls for the "gentleman farmer" and the boys' racing goKart, the Mini is the everyday driver.

But wait - the MINI is the "John Cooper Works" car - the "M" of MINIs - it still gets 25-30 MPG!

How about a "Eldomino" - a Eldorado converted into a pickup.  
Man's best friend - guards your Isetta and pretty much fills it up.

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