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This Ford Explorer disproves the theory that suburbanites never take their SUV "off road."  
 This must be one tasty old Volvo!  
This truck belonged to one of the workmen during our rennovation. He did not understand what I meant when I asked if he ever considered what would happen if he hit a car (like my BMW in the background) broadside.  
 And what part of "This vehicle makes wide right turns" don't you understand?  
Was this person "Employee of the Month" at IKEA because he was so successful he could afford a S-class Mercedes?  
Yep, it's a dual small-block Chevvy V-16. Only in CA!  
One day, while attending a farmer's market in Escondido, I wandered into an antique store. In the back of the shop, under a cabinet, I found this. It's a 1/4 scale Ferrari GTO engine - it's almost 2 feet long! It was one of 500 made by Terzo Dalia from Scandiano, Italy. Unfortunately, it's not one with the complete internals - but who can complain. It sure makes a wonderful display model! Here is a larger photo.  
 What's this? BMW chose the BMWCCA's Oktoberfest in Pasadena to introduce the new M5 to the US market.  
What happens when you turn two nuts loose on a racetrack with a half-million dollar Porsche? They find new ways to get on the evening news, albeit in the obits. Into the wall at an estimated 150 mph. This is why I don't instruct at track days any more! (Poached NBCnews photo.)  

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