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Each year, Beverly Hills hosts a big concours on Rodeo Drive. Megabucks cars compete with local beauties for attention.
I am told this slogan on an Airstream refers to surfing.
Ferraris are a dime a dozen. A Daytona was spotted parked on a side street. There were also two Porsche Carrera GTs.
Mercedes/McLaren SLR
Everybody has their logo clothing to show their allegience to their favorite marque.
Style. Framed by Aston Martin Zagato.
 Ah, cars of th e 30s, now that's style.  

 Fashions of the day. A contrast.


This year (2004) for the second time, the Art Center School of Design, the top-rated automotive design school in the world, had a Sunday show and seminar on design. This year's invited speakers were Grant Larson, designer of the Boxter and other Porsches, and Dan Gurney.

Yep, that's 2 GTOS and a F-50. There was a F40 too.

 This is one of Grant Larson's slides of design sketches of the Carrera GT.  
Bizzarini GT Strada - Italian Style and Chevy Power

Dan Gurney's Eagles. The photo at the top is the F1 car that won at Spa in 1967 - the only car built by an American and driven by an American to win a GP. Below is the headers from the Gurney-Weslake V12.

At the bottom is one of the meancing looking Indy Cars.

    Cars 1

Cars 2

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More Cars Coming!


Dan Gurney talking at the Art Center




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