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Japan GT Live at California Speedway

December, 2005


The Japan GT series cars look a bit like Trans-AM silhouette cars but are high tech - high revving race engines that sound like F1 and carbon fiber everything. Very fast. Put on a great show, but pictures of cars racing are boring.

Japan GT Live, however was a real spectacle as you can see below!

Little problem in translation - Japanglais.
Chrome SL. Entire body in chrome. Wretched. Excess.
Inside joke for turbo guys.
Nice headers
The truck from Fuzion tires was cool.
 Watching racecars can be boring, but not drifting. The best from Japan came to show their stuff. And try to asphyxiate us with rubber smoke.  
Check out that earring. And you thought gold rings were cool.
Califronians will pay to sit in the stands and watch anything. Even mountains.
 But here is what it was really all about. Girls! Then cars and on -track action. But first GIRLS!  
 Being a driver meant having a unbrella-carrying excort. Helps you concentrate on the race coming up, I guess.  
 Tires were not the only thing overinflated there.  
 Just a couple of good looking girls, eh? Well, check out the photo below.  


Well, actually, I meant the patches, but whatever.


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