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LA Auto Show, 2005

Bling, Bling, Bling...

Let's start at the Porshce exhibit, with the founder, son and a spyder.

Off the 550 Spyder
A 959, just like Bill Gates' and Paul Allen's illegal cars which could conceivably be legal by now
Ford showed this GT concept, maybe the successor to the GT 40 recreation.
And the Ford GT interior (the GT-40 recreation, which they can't call that because they don't have the copyright.)
 No red like Ferrari Red  
Gawd, I hope so.
Lambo engine, just overexposed, but looks like it has an aura, which might be true...
Good motto for the Mini convertible.  
 Great taillights.  
 Cool headlights, too.  
 A LEXUS?????  
 VW Beetle Color "Chart"  
 And, of course, GIRLS!  

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