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LA Auto Show 2006

Actually, this year's show seemed less impressive than previous ones we attended, but there was certainly some neat photo opportunities. So if you find this year more art than auto, so be it.


Besides, who cares if Fisker can make a BMW 6 series look just like a M-B SL?


Backdrop on the Audi exhibit.

 Uniquely decorated Toyoto Yaris.  
Did you ever notice how appropriate the warning label was on the sun visor of a Viper?
Careful - it bites!

Becker - they make auto sound systems, don't they?

(Porsche Cup car!)

Look close - a Chevy V8-powered trike!
Look closely. The stairs have been decorated to be tire treads.
 If you look closely, you can see this new Z06 Corvette has "Z06" chalked upside down on the inner panel. Make note of this, because the way Corvette people are, 40 years from now, you'll have to make it look just like that to get "Bloomington Gold."  
Betcha were wondering if I was ever going to show some real cars? This was perhaps the best car there - the Lexus LF-A concept - maybe a future production supercar?
Lotus Exige - looks great in shiny red. Now why weren't some of the Ferraris in red? No pictures in protest over all the gray and silver cars....
Really neat headlight on Volvo concept car.  
Steve Saleen tells it like it is.

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