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From the LA Times, May 13:

Sports Car Esconced as Art in Mansion
By Roy Rivenburg, Times Staff Writer
May 13, 2006

Some millionaires decorate their mansions with rare paintings. Richard Moriarty bolted a 1974 Lamborghini to the wall of his Newport Beach estate early Friday.

Moriarty bought the car 10 years ago, paying a collector $60,000. But the upkeep was a nightmare. The gas tank had rust damage, and the engine kept stalling.

"I got tired of having it towed," he said.

My new (as of April, 2006) toy, a John Cooper Works MINI, sitting in front of a mural in Fallbrook. Note the size compared to the X-5!  
A Lotus Elan is not a car you see everyday, especially one of the rare coupes. But look how impossibly small it looks here, in a parking lot in Carlsbad. Wish I had a Miata on one side!
Some people miss their gardens, others take them along. (Venice)
You simply never know what you will see as you drive around. This Lambo Gallardo was in a strip mall lot in Temecula. One Saturday in Huntington Beach, we saw two Ferraris, a Porsche Carrera GT and a non-US import - a current Alfa Spider, in just a few blocks.
We have a bit of a mixed metaphor here. The truck says "Tokyo Auto Wrecking" but the picture shows a Ferrari F-50. (Hard time getting the photo in traffic!)
I try to always have a camera in the car, because I've seen some crazy stuff. This was on the 201 freeway in Pasadena one Saturday morning. We think it was a Scion XA that rolled multiple times.
Check out the name on the truck.  
This truck was sooooo big, it required two photos to show its real size.

Two Ferraris and a Lambo parked in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla.

Christmas Eve, Santa Monica Promenade

Where else would you expect to see two Ferraris, one with Christmas wreaths in the air intakes?


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