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LA Auto Show 2006- 2nd Edition

IN 2006, the LA Auto Show moved from January (conflicting with the Detroit Show) to early December, so two shows were held in one year. Unfortunately, we were out of town during the show, but our son Michael went and took photos. And he's pretty much like me, seeing it as art, not just documenting the cars. So here is Michael's spin on the show.


First, Audi's neat sign

The new Audi R8
An Auto Union Type C - all it's missing is Nuvolari!
Mike Voted for the Mazda Nagare as having the best tail lights this year.
And the most unusual and probably impractical side shape.
Ferrari paint samples. This year, they listened to our complaints and had red cars on the stand!
Authorized by CHP?

Suzuki X-Box. With game controller on steering wheel.

You always knew that many drivers were just playing around in traffic, didn't you?

The last few photos commemorate another outstanding Lamborghini exhibit, where Michael shows he's got a good eye for great design.

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