A day in the Sea of Cortez  
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 01:13:52.8
Title: Sunset
Caption: Sunset on the Sea of Cortez. OK, I admit I like sunsets, and the new Nikon fisheye makes great panoramic photos.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 15:24:16.1
Title: Hiking 1
Caption: Hiking on an island on the Sea of Cortez
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 16:16:54
Title: Hiking 2
Caption: Lizards were all over the island.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 16:25:24.7
Title: Hiking 3
Caption: Karen spotted a snake coming out of a hole. Chris tried to pick it up but we noticed it would not come out of it's hole. Karen turned this rock over and found out why...
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 16:27:21.1
Title: Hiking 4
Caption: A large scorpion had caught the snake and was poisoning it.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 16:53:11.9
Title: Hiking 5
Caption: Sandra takes a rest in the shade.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 17:08:45.9
Title: Hiking 6
Caption: Back to the Don Jose to look for more whales.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 19:40:44.1
Title: Ray 1
Caption: We saw quite a few rays, including some off in the distance jumping wildly out of the water.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 19:41:18.7
Title: Ray 2
Caption: Another ray, a big one.
Capture Date: 2004/02/19 20:01:45
Title: Snooze
Caption: Karen takes a snooze on the top deck. Looking for whales is long periods of boredom while we look followed by short periods of frenzied viewing.