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Tsavo West NP Kenya

Playing on a fallen tree.

Hiding hippos. Far away.

Karen, for size comparison, beside buffalo and hippo skulls.

Guinea fowl hiding in the grass.

You have to share the road in Africa.

Giraffes grazing

guess who has right of way?

Grazing at sunset.

A hyena hiding in the bush keeps a close watch on us.

Baboons simply ignore you most of the time.

Baby hitching a ride on Mom.

Leaving the park, our guide spots a leopard, perched on a tree limb.

A closer look at the leopard.

He's watching for lunch.

A black-backet jacket spotted leaving the park.

This is a 300 year old lava field from a nearby volcano.

We were told the guards who joined us were because we were near the border. They were interesting guys, highly educated and articulate in discussions.