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Fallingwater built in 1936-9 for the Kauffmans of Pittsburgh

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous works. See

It's full of great details but so buried in lush vegetation, it's hard to photograph

Stone and concrete

Buried in trees

Looking differnet as you walk around it

Lots of balconies and the owner's artwork

Literally build into the property

Great contrasting textures

And red door and window frames

Anchored into the rocks over a stream

IN the rocks!

Typical FLW details

Small fountain

Where you can wash your hands

Stairs to one deck

Very Art Deco

Owner's art included a Picasso too

Structure integrated into the site

Adapting to the local trees

Same tree looking up

Same tree looking up

Beams supporting structure

Artwork even down by the stream that runs under it

The stream it's built over

More windows, decks and art

More windows, decks and art

Looking up to the top

Art everywhere

Hard to get overal photos - it's surrounded by vegetation