Signs of the Times

I always have a camera on me, so I shoot photos of things I find artistic, interesting, funny or just plain weird. I noticed recently that I had lots of photos of "signs" that met that criteria, so I thought I'd put them in a separate page.

Signs 1 , Signs 2, Signs 3, Signs 4


 I've been taking photos of signs recently, as some are funny or silly, some stupid, some just puzzling. Some are already included in my "Only In California" pages. Some will show you the overall image, then a close-up so you can read it.

This photo, for example, here in Fallbrook, CA, could perhaps warn you about the following photos....


This is actually the sign that got me into the idea of a sign page. It's on my "Only in California" pages with a lot of other funny signs.  

 Think you can outrun the dog?

(Venice, CA)


 Einstein would be proud - unless, of course, he saw the paper mache' statue in the background!

(Washington Square Park, NYC)

 What do you do with old X-Rays? Now you know. (Alcoa, TN)

 Which way is OUT? (Santa Monica, CA)


 This is another one suggesting that we find a way out. (Santa Monica, CA too)


 Multi-ethnic groceries offer more choice. Perfect place to get the ingredients for potato curry.

(Davis Square, Somerville, MA)


  Hired killer? Assasin? Nope a butcher in rural Tennessee.


 This may be the best one I've seen. What a business if you can put up with all the sh*t! (Hereford, TX)


 I swear this is not a joke. It is an unaltered photo of a building in Niagara Falls, NY.

What kind of suggestive material does Mr. Costanzo teach and is it part of the CI A counseling?

 This was taken at Biltmore, the Vanderbilt estate in Ashville, NC. Obviously they have a problem with people not wanting to walk anywhere!  

Signs 1 , Signs 2, Signs 3, Signs 4

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