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Chaminuka, Zambia

We had two days after the Lusaka seminar before leaving for home, so we stayed at a private game lodge.

It was built by a couple from Cyprus about 30 years ago as a farm, but has been a lodge for the last decade.

It has great architecture and lots of artwork inside and on the grounds.

This is a view of the lodge from across the lake. Our room was in the building on the right.

Some of the pictures they had collected.

They had a big collection of books in their library too.

Karen wanted to "acquire" this bird sculpture.

I think the boat is art too, or an artifact.

These are copper ore from northern Zambia.

Karen in a chair carved with baboons.

A leopard skin on the floor.

And a zebra skin in our room.

The open air lounge.

We spent a lot of time there as it had the best WiFi reception - which was pretty good!

The look over the deck, pool and lake.

We visited their cheese factory and tasted cheese.

Chaminuka had many herds of antelope of several varieties. They routinely thinned the herd by hunting for food, for the visitors and the lions they kept.

Thisi s a trail of migrating black ants. Off to the side, you can see some guarding the others.

This is a termite mound, very old, but still alive.

The termites build big mounds. They only eat dead trees so most mounds have trees growing on them.

Female impala on a termite mound. Our first night, dinner was a roast leg of impala. Tasty!

A wart hog hiding in the grass near their cheese factory.

Impalas on the move.

We must have spooked them.

They had a few giraffes too.

Classic Africa.

A sable antelope, this is a female.

Note the odd antlers on this sable antelope.

A kudu. We had kudu steaks for lunch.

Karen with a papaya tree in their garden.