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Tsavo West NP Kenya

First stop on our safari was Tsavo West NP in SE Kenya.

Greeting us as we arrived were these lizards.

This guy was not a bright, but had interesting markings.

Also greeting us at every stop were the vendors selling souvenirs. Friendly and all spoke perfect english.

We stayed in nice resorts like this one in Tsavo West National Park with great views and a watering hole to watch animals at.

The view from our room window at Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge

The lodge was built from stone with a thatched roof.

The watering hole at the lodge had many animals including this marabous stork and baboon.

Female (L) and Male Waterbucks (R) at the watering hole. The male had 3 females with him.

We coould look down at animlas like this young baboon wantering the grounds.

Or this ferocious man-eating turtle...

Lizards were all over the rocks around the lodge, just like home.

And monkeys in the trees watched our passing.

Tsavo has many herds of zebra.

And ostriches.

Hadada ibis

Views of the mountains to the south on a day with unsettled weather.

Rain in the distant mountains

More distant rain. Africa has exciting skies, along with sunrises and sunsets.

Fog and rain in the distant mountains.

A dik-dik, the smallest antelope, weighs about 4 kg ( 9 #)

Our fitst giraffe sighting.

African grey hornbill.

Hartebeest or kongoni

Skull of some large animal, probably a buffalo where someone has taken the horns.

Bones of another large animla. You can see the intact spine in the weeds.

Mzima Springs are fed by snow melts and flowing water from the nearby mountains, flowing through the porous volcanic rock.

Good advice!

African darter (a cormorant variety) in the rain.

Mom and baby monkey.