The Trip To Egypt, 2004

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Egypt Home
Day 1, Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Day 2, Pyramids and Sphinx At Giza
Day 3, Dahshur (Bent and Red Pyramid),
Day 3a, Sakkara (Stepped Pyramid)
Day 4, Abu Simbel
Day 4a, Aswan
Day 5, Philae Temple
Day 5a, Kom Ombo Temple
Day 6, Edfu Temple
Day 6a, Esna Temple
Day 7, Luxor, Medinet Habu, Village of Deir El Medina
Day 7a,Temple of Hatshepsut
Day 8, Valley of the Kings
Day 8a, Valley of the Queens, Luxor Museum
Day 9, Luxor, Tut's Tomb
Day 9a, Temples of Karnak and Luxor
Day 10/11, Cairo, Museum, Manial Palace, Churches and Mosque

Day 6a, Esna

Temple of Khnum



 Jan's Notes  Jim's Photos And Comments

Buried 9 meters down. Ram-headed god=Kharnum; made different figurines & blew life into them to amuse himself because he was bored-made humans this way (?-I think this was the story). 175BC-250AD; water only 1 meter down. You can see water marks on temple walls.

Culture: Arab balconies so Muslim women can peer through the screen w/o being seen. (This is where we saw local women w/baby walking around the temple to try to get a baby-unusual opportunity said Aki to see superstition today based on forgotten ancient Egyptian belief in action; women don't know the connection to the ancient Egyptian belief.)

Time of declining art; can't show grip; disproportional arms.

Looking down on the temple.

Looking up at the columns. Remind you of HR Giger?

The two local women with a baby Jan describes.

A man delvering bread. Note the impressive bank building in the background.

The protector of the house, overlooking the temple.

Busy dock, eh. You walk through the ships to get ashore.

Sunset on the Nile




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