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Seattle Sept 2009

Seattle, September 2009. View from our hotel room of I5 Also see the Seattle Public Library Photos

Interesting city. Across from the Seattle Art Museum is the Lusty Lady.

Mens room at the Art Museum.

Carousel on the waterfront.

Carousel on the waterfront.

Carousel on the waterfront.

Wild and crazy girls on the waterfront.

Entry to a building near the library.

Birdhouse hanging on a window in an alley.

Let me see your tail feathers. Must be a fan of eagles.

Never know what you will see on the streets of Seattle.

Boots too.


Joker costume.

And the Queen of Hearts.

Great neon signs.

Live Jazz.

Hair Fair - Wigs.

Columns overlooking the freeway.

Albino blueberries - or something like that.

Wise freighter - Westport, WA.

In Westport, WA.

Sign - Westport, WA.

Fishing boat - Westport, WA.

Fisherman - Westport, WA.

Biggest calamari I"ve ever seen. - Westport, WA.

Flying fish - Westport, WA.

Net to keep birds out of fish holding tanks - Westport, WA.

Resting - Westport, WA.

Neat powered bike - Westport, WA.

Headed for shipment - Westport, WA.

Fishing boat headed out for the evening - Westport, WA.

Gull - Westport, WA.

Eat tuna - Westport, WA.

Boat with portholes - Westport, WA.

Mural of sternwheeler - Westport, WA.