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Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park, May, 2009

View from near the park entrance

Anybody pay attention to warning signs?

The old road ran under this rock

A BIG rock

But the park is all about trees, Giant Sequoias, the most massive trees on Earth

The museum and one of the giant trees - about 260 feet tall

There was still some snow in early May

But only in shaded areas

Beetle Rock

Interesting how plants grow in the cracks of the rocks

Sun bleached wood on Beetle Rock

Dead trees take strange shapes

lichens on one of the trees

more lichens

Strange way lichens grow on the trunks - in rings

Fallen tree and the one we saw from Beetle rock

The usual looking up at the tree tops picture

And another

And another, near sunset

Pine tree

Views of the forest

Sequoia tree distinctive bark

These are giant trees

The forest in B/W

These are BIG trees!

Cross-section of a sequoia trunk - we told you they were big!

Talk about a "knot on a log"

More forest views

Lotsa bears in the park.