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Ennis-Brown House

The Ennis-Brown House, LA, June/July 2003, when the house was till open to the public. It is now (2010) in limbo, looking for a owner with big pockets. See

If you want to drive by, it's at 2655 Glendower Avenue in the Los Feliz District of Los Angeles.

We were there twice in 2003. In June, we were there when it was still opened to the public and were give a tour by the manager.

View from the street.

View from the street of one of the stained glass windows.

Exterior wall

Exterior wall details

Exterior details from street. The pool is just beyond this wall.

Gate to parking area.

Design on the cast iron gate

Entrance to the left

Another view of entrance. Yep, it's very low in FLW style.

Entrance from above

We returned to the house in July for a party sponsored by the Art Deco Society of LA to raise money for the house preservation.

The guests included Eric Lloyd Wright, FLW's grandson, Julius Schulman, the famous architectural photographer and David Judson of Judson Studios, the family business who did the original stained glass.

Downtown LA from the parking area.

Wall details. The blocks were made from local materials and are not aging well.

The pool

Stairs over the outer building

Stairs over the outer building

Looking back down the same stairs

Looking back down the same stairs

Looking back down the stairs

A Richard Neutra house (white) in the neighborhood with new construction behind it.

Window details. The maker of the stained glass had a

Block construction details

Window and wall details

Construction ladders from ongoing restoration projects

Exterior walls on the downhill side, showing work to prevent collapse