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Oak Park 1971

Wright's house and studio, 1971, now open to the public.

Wright's home and studio in 1971, from the back

House and studio

Rear view of FLW's house and studio

Wall detail, house and studio

House and studio

Details, house and studio

Details, house and studio, front door has typical Wright stained glass design

Details, house and studio

Back of FLW house?

FLW House detail?

Back of FLW house?

Windows, house and studio?

Heurtley House, 1902

Heurtley House

Hills House, 1906. Prarie style.

Nathan G. Moore House, 1895, rebuilt after a fire in 1922 into Wright's later style.

You can see the Tudor influence

The story we heard was FLW thought he did not get paid enough for the original design so he made it up on the rebuild, plus put in some strange details.

LIke this strange sideways window

And the pseudo-cathedral windows

And this wall. This is not the FLW we know from later!

Details, seriously strange add-ons

Details, seriously strange add-ons

Lamp, unknown location

Down the street is the William G. Fricke House

Foster Ave, FLW house at left?

Unable to identify - any ideas?

Foster Street has many Wright houses

Cheney House, 1903. We were able to tour this house and teh interior was original.