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FLW Pope-Leighey House

The Pope-Leighey House, Alexandria, VA, one of FLW's lower cost Usonian houses

Built in 1939 for Loren Pope a Washington Post reporter. It has the usual low overhang entrance.

Built of wood on a slab, it still has unique details like the doors that open from the corner and the unique cutout design over the windows.

It was originally built in Falls Church, VA but moved here to avoid demolition when freeways were built.

It's small, only 1200 square feet and utilitarian compared to many other FLW houses.

Here you can see it's built on a slab. It was moved to this location then moved again when its slab began sliding down the hill.

Pope chose a coarse brick which were cheaper than the FLW smooth ones because they were cheaper.

Overhangs are used on two ends.

The unique design over the celestory windows.

The unique design created for the house was used vertically on the bedroom windows, horizontally elsewhere

Original screened in porch with FLW cherokee red pipe bracing like used at Taleisin.

It's not nailed together but screwed and FLW demanded the screw heads line up. For the last move, it was completely disassembled for moving.

Corner windows - same as the patio doors. More info