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Gropius House, Lincoln, MA

Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus, moved to Boston in the late 1930s to head the Architecture Dept. at Harvard. A benefactor gave him 4 acres in Lincoln to build a home.

This is, believe it or not, a Bauhaus version of a New England center-entrance colonial.

This corner has a upper level deck.

Back patio.

Details of the corner.

Sunshade over deck.

To the right is a screened porch.

Roy, Karen and Judy.

While we were not allowed to photograph inside, nobody said we could not shoot through the windows! Most of the furnishings and art are original.

The overhang was for shade in the summer. That idea has been revived by architects.

Stairs added for their daughter to get down from the deck.

Glass brick fram the entrance.

Marcel Breuer also came to Boston with Gropius and was given 2 acres to build himself a house next door.

The higer section in the back was added by a later owner