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MAK Tour October 2010

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Gantert House (Pierre Koenig, 1981)

Simple, all steel construction.

Stuffed sheep mascot.

Incredible views from inside. This is the living room area.

Center of the roof is raised over the stairs and lets in great light.

Simple decor and kitchen.

Balcony outside the bedroom.

View from the master bedroom.

Master bedroom.

The house is cantilevered over the hillside.

It's anchored on the hillside and supported by two posts.

What a view of LA!

Lovell "Health" House (Richard Neutra, 1928-29)

Entrance on street level

The light beside the marker is from a Ford car.

Looking down on the patio, Griffith Park Observatory in the distance.

Looking down the main staircase from the entry.

The main staircase down to the living room.

Upstairs sitting room.

Living room downstairs from entry.

Fireplace and built-in seating.

Corner of living room.

Dining area

Living room looking toward library.

Door and stairway detail.

Kitchen was redone - 60s?

Owner's commemorative plate.

The library with built-in shelves and a custom light that runs the length of the library and living room.

Exterior window details.

View from the patio toward the house.

From the lawn

View from the garden.

The end of the house

Hillside House (Carl Louis Maston, 1962)

Another wood (redwood here), steel and concrete house.

Master bedroom, merged from two original bedrooms.

Scandanavian style bath.