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Pantages Theater, LA

The Pantages Theater, Hollywood Blvd., LA, marquee.

Ticket lobby.

Ticket lobby end opposite ticket booths.

Lobby looking toward entrance. The red hue of all the interior pictures is not wrong - the interior colors including the red carpet give it a rosy hue.

Lobby from W balcony stairs.

Steps to the balcony, east end of the lobby.

Lobby chandelier.

Statues on the balcony stairs. This one illustrates the aviation industry.

Statues on the balcony stairs. This one illustrates the movie industry.

Head of one of the statues.

Statue in the lobby

Stairs to balcony and lobby wall and ceiling.

Decorated walls on the balcony stairs.

Light fixture on the stairs to the balcony.

Water fountain in one lobby alcove.

Etched glass flamingos on a mirror behind a water fountain.

Light fixture in a lower lobby.

These are the original mirrors in the main ladies lounge.

Aha, a photo without showing the photographer!

Looking at the stage from the middle of the audience. The asbestos curtain shown is the original curtain from the theater when opened in 1930.

While there are grills for an organ on either side, no organ was ever installed.

View toward the rear of the theater. There are about 1800 seats in the main floor and 900 in the balcony.

The ceiling in the theater is amazingly detailed and colorful.

Backstage - controlling the curtains.

Backstage tour. Note the back of the asbestos curtain - stained by hot lights.

Stages require lots of "headroom" - about 60 feet here.

This ramp is original - used for getting horses and elephants and the like on stage.

The original 1930 Westinghouse DC generators used for stage lights.

And the control panel for the lights.

Original 1930 lighting switch.

Ceiling of ticket lobby.

Doorway of the office building around the theater.

Lobby of the office building.