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Seattle Public Library by Rem Kookhaas

Rem Koolhaas - Seattle Public Library. Photos taken with a Tamron 10-24 wide angle and Nikon D300. See the taxi reflected in the overhang?

See the taxi reflected in the overhang?

Looking at the entrance - it's hidden in there.

There is the entrance. Note the top overhang reflects the street below.

Reflections off the outside wall.

Just wild - or weird- or both.

Seattle Main Library, View from our hotel.

The entrance behind the building structure.

More of the street-level structure.

The glass, at odd angles, reflects the neighboring buildings.

Looking out.

Welcome to the seattle room

Escalators are bright yellow

Escalator from the top

Looking down on the escalator from above

Look up at the bottom of an escalator

The top floor shows the overhang you see from the outside

Reading room on top floor.

Looking down from the top floor.

Internal structure.

Looking down through the atrium.

Looking up in the atrium.

Looking down on offices.

Does this mean they have a collection of satellites?