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Hail in Fallbrook 11-28-09

Saturday, November 28, 2009, 2:30 PM What started as a light rain overnight came in buckets Saturday afternoon. Then it started to hail...

Building up on the patio

And it's just started.

Bouncing off the roof

Building up on the patio

A good bit of accumulation.

Looking toward the barn

In the driveway and around the macadamia trees

In the driveway

Looking out Karen's office window

On the patio

Backyard view during a lull

That GoreTex raincoat comes in useful sometimes

The new gardens. Note the "catch" in the sun canopies.

Too heavy to push out.

The native garden.

Orange and lemon trees.

More of the fruit trees.

I'm not sure the succulents have seen anything like this before

Pea-sized hail