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La Miniatura - FLW House - Pasadena

Frank Lloyd Wright's La Miniatura in Pasadena has not been open to the public since 1992, so when they did open it, iw was very popular. A few hundred people were expected but over a thousand tickets were sold.

Outside of the house. Note the tarp over the roof - leaky roof's are a "feature" of FLW houses!

The concrete block facade. Those with the "X" have glass inserts.

The entrance is through the passageway to the left.

A small pond near the entrance shows the block pattern.

One of the window blocks gives a peek into the living room.

Facade, looking up.

Small walkway between the house and studio leads to the patio.

Looking at the house from the studio.

A guide points out the sycamore tree that has grown up to be a problem to the house.

Another view of the sycamore.

Looking up at the side, note some walls were plain.

A custom window in Wright style.

A wrought iron light in the ceiling of the entranceway.

Same light viewed from the side.

New molds created to duplicate damaged blocks, which is most of them.

Old and new corner blocks.

Living room balcony from the patio. Here you can see those corner blocks.

The end door to the studio.

View from the far side of the pond.

View from the far side of the pond. At this level, flooding would occur if not for the large drainage tunnel under the house.

Another view of the house (R) and studio (L)

Te studio.

The studio wall with a decorative chimney.

We could not take photos inside, but this photo ran in the LA times.

Mike, Cathy and Karen inside the entranceway.

Dan and Kami.

Karen, Cathy, Mike, Dan & Kami on the patio.