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Zimmerman House, Manchester, NH

The Currier Museum in Manchester, NH was given the Zimmerman house with an endowment for preserving it. Their company car was neat!

Karen and Judy in the Currier Museum.

Great sculpture of a photographer by John Rogers of Salem, MA, FROM 1879!

The Zimmerman House in Manchester, NH which we visited on a rainy day in June, 2008.

Front from the driveway

Front door, showing concrete window blocks

Typical FLW overhang

Back of the house looking from the carport

Back of the house looking from the carport

One of the overhead lights built using standard cheap hardware.

VIew of custom corner window, no corner hardware, a FLW standard.

Another view of the custom back windows.

Walkway from carport to back yard. This end of house is 3 feet undergroud.

View from back yard. Section jutting out is bedrooms, living area beyond.

The bedroom wing.

Flat tiles on the roof.

From the back. At left is the living and dining area behind the patio, bedroom on the right.

Karen and Judy in the back yard.

Anothe back view. The entire back is msotly glass. You can also see how the house is under the ground on one end.

The living room area.

Another view of the rear. The bench you see in the middle was also a FLW design.

Living room wing. Recessed lighting was part of the design.

View up the back from the living room end.

Closer view of the living room. The windows are hung from above and glass opens out, screens inward.

Brickwork and the concrete windows.

The front side of the living room.

The end of the living room wing.

View from the driveway.

Yours truly waiting under the carport out of the rain.

Karen's cousin Judy started taking photos inside until told that was not allowed. This is looking down the side of the living area along the built-in seating whcih still has it's original upholstery.

The Zimmermans collected art to fill the house, usually asking FLW for permission before something was displayed. This is a Chinese folding mural.

The table in the foreground and the music stand in the back are all Taleisin designs. Even the carpets were specified for the house. A HiFi speaker enclosure is on the right.

Down the street is another FLW house, built to "keep up with the Jones" or Zimmermans in this case. This one is for sale.