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Sky Over Fallbrook, June 3, 2009

June 3, about 11AM, we noticed some drizzle and cloud formations that indicated lots of turbulence. This is looking NW toward San Juan Capistrano

Unusual formations like this one (bottom center) formed

Detail of the strange formation

A line was forming between two colliding air masses.

Looking North toward Temecula and Murrietta. Now you can see the collision between the slow, calm coastal air on the left and the desert air on the right which was coming in at a very high speed

The collision line formed lots of turbulence, and rain and lightning and thunder

Detail of the turbulence in the collison line

The clouds were very different on each side of the collision line, which ran almost over the house toward the NE

It became dark under the clouds but the sun was peeking through the fast moving air from the E

Detail of the turbulence

Notice the striations where the air masses are meeting and the differents in the clouds on either side.

Looking N toward Temecula/Murrietta

Look at the turbulence near the center and down to the right

Twop minutes later and it's changed again. Notice the rain at the bottom center.

Now it's sunny at our place, raining in the bottom center to left

From center left to bottom center you can see the collision line of the two air masses and the rain it causes

From center left to bottom center you can see the collision line of the two air masses and the rain it causes

More rain. Note the striations at the collision line and the ripples above it on the next higher layer of clouds

Rain in the distance and a small dark "line" of a cloud just up and right of center

Close up of the "line" cloud

Amazing amount of turbulence

Close up of some of the turbulence

Only five minutes later, it looks like this. Around this time lightning struck about 1 mile from us in this direction, hitting a palm tree and starting a fire

Wide view at the same time as the previous photo

Looking NW toward San Clemente. Center is a line of clouds that looks like another distant mountain range, just above Mt. Gavilan. Lightning struck the electrical tower at the top of Gavilan near the tree on the right.

Only a minute later. Things were changing fast! At the center it looks like shock waves from an explosion

The electrical tower in the center was struck by lightning about this time

Looks like a "wave" across the center of the photo.

The wave

Interesting detail - there is a very faint rainbow just left of center