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Santa Fe Concours

Sante Fe Concours, September 26, 2010

The next few slides sweep around the concours grounds.

The concours was held at an equestrian facility, with indoor riding rink in the tall building to the left.

The long building is the stables

Lincoln hood ornament


Avanti interior

The Avanti was Raymond Loewy's design - one of his best.

New Lotus Evora

Nice design on the engine compartment

The Wisconsin Special, 1922

The note onthe rear says "3 mile-a-minute" - quite a feat for 1922!

Exhaust stacks

Harley Earl's LeSabre

The LeSabre was really over the top

LeSabre from the rear. A photo of Harley Earl driving it is at

Space age dreaming!

The LeSabre dashboard

The GM Stingray prototype racer

Al Unser's dirt track car

The Unser Indycar, winner in 1970

Exhaust from twincam Ford to turbo

The turbo with wastegate

No councours is right without ribbons


Bugatti Type 35

Ettore Bugatti was famous for machine turned metal like the dashboard

Ralph Lauren's Jaguar D-Type