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This was one of the first 30,000 webpages when it was created in 1994! Some of these photo pages were created by scanning 35mm film and some date back to the really early days of digital photography.

This is a listing of photographs I have taken on trips and tours around the US and the world. I started posting photos on my website in 1994 and never got into the online photo services so they are here still. 

Not much has been added recently.

Some of the photo galleries have multiple pages - look for this symbol in the upper left hand corner:


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My Pages
Jim Hayes' Home Page

Notes on the Hayes Family in Tennessee 
Mike and Cathy's Wedding, 2007
Halloween 2008 at Cathy and Mikes

California (see also Travel below)
Monarch Butterfly Lifecycles at Food Chain Farm  
Only In California - A Collection of "Tongue in Cheek" Photos
Food Chain Farm  - our Fallbrook farm 
Our Farm And  California Home
Animals, Plants
California Cars, Wrecks,
Stormy Sky over Our House, 6/3/09  
Hail in Fallbrook, 11-28-09  
California Wildfires, 2007
Hummingbirds - a different perspective

Frank Lloyd Wright :
Ennis-Brown House, LA  
Hollyhock House, LA  
Taliesin, Spring Green, WI
Johnson's Wax Building, Racine, WI 
Wingspread, Racine, WI 
Monona Terrace, Madison, WI 
Unitarian Meeting House, Madison, WI 
Zimmerman House, Manchester, NH  
La Miniatura, Pasadena  
Florida Southern College
Oak Park, 1971
Marin County Civic Center  
Pope-Leighey House, VA  
Auldbrass, South Carolina  
Frank Lloyd Wright Jr in LA  (5/10) 

Hughes Aircraft Plant, Culver City  (3/20/2011)
Watts Towers, LA, 2007 
Pantages Theater, Hollywood, (11/2010)   
MAK House Tour, Oct 2010, Incl. Julius Shulman's Home  
Frank Lloyd Wright Jr in LA  (5/10)  
Walter Gropius House, Lincoln, MA  (11/09)
Seattle Public Library by Rem Koolhaas  (9/09)
Arcosanti - Paolo Soleri
John Lautner House Tour
Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava
Frey House, Palm Springs   (2/10) 
Salk Institute, LaJolla (Louis Kahn) (2/10)  
Photography (See  other sections, esp. Travel and Autos, too)
My photography page (My old photo page - with the old format, not updated in a while)
Hummingbirds - a different perspective
Our California Farm, Animals, Plants, California Cars, Wrecks
Only In California - A Collection of "Tongue in Cheek" Photos
Signs of the Times - Photos of interesting signs
California Wildfires, 2007
Stormy Sky over Our Farm House, 6/3/09  
Tattoo - Oceanside Museum of Art Exhibition , 5/2010
Tattoo 2011 - OMA's 3rd Tattoo Art Exhibition , 9/2011
Abstracts - all abstracts 

Auto Pages
My Vintage Racing
I collected and gave to the Watkins Glen Library over 90 "how-to" books on racing
My "archives" - including many car pictures from the past 
Howard Wolery's 1955/56 Photo Albums From Races - Now Located At the Watkins Glen Racing Library
Automotive Design (mild satire,,,)
Track tours of California Speedway and Willow Springs Int. Raceway (from my time as an instructor)

Auto Photo Stories
Santa Fe Concours, 2010  
Superkarts USA 2009   
LA Auto Show 2008  
Long Beach GP 2008
Fallbrook Car Show 2008
Pasadena Ferrari Exhibit, May 2008 
Art Center College of Design Show 2007 (Alfa BATs, Superflow, Luigi Colani, More)
Canadian GP 2007
US Grand Prix 2003
Rodeo Drive Concours, etc. 2003
J Mays Design Exhibit at Harvard - 2002
My 1995 test of the new Alfa Spider in Italy 
My trip to Monterey '98 for Concours Italiano, Pebble Beach Concours and The Monterey Historics
A visit to the Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas
The Castle Hill Concours 1997
California Cars
One of my favorite photos: Carroll Shelby with one of his racecars in the background at Sebring in 1967. Signed by the man himself!)

Egypt, 2004, With National Geographic
The Galapagos Islands 2001
Turkey (and London) (4/10)
Whale Watching In Baja , February, 2004
Middle East (5/2012), Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Lebanon  
Pacific (NZ, AU, MY, 11/2011)
Africa (5/11)
Canada, August 2012 
Canada - Vancouver Island Grizzlies, Raptors and Orcas, 2007

Visit to Mexico, 2006

Boston & NYC, June 2012  
Raleigh, NC Art Museum (2/14/2012) 

Utah, 2005. Arches National Park and what may be the best scenic road in America!

Eagle Watching, Cachuma Lake (1/10)  
Times Square, NYC, Collage, 11/09  
Seattle, Sept 2009  
Sequoia National Park, 5/09 
Joshua Tree National Park 4/09  
Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve, 3/09  
Grand Canyon Visit 2-09, Moonlight Photos
Montezuma Castle, AZ 2-09    
Wupatki Pueblo and Sunset Crater  2-09
Sedona, AZ 2-09
Sunset Crater Volcano 2-09
Death Valley 2/08 
Sierras, June 2008
Bodie, CA, the largest ghost town, June 2008
Rugby, TN, a utopian community, 2005 and 2008

Watts Towers, LA, 2007  
Visit to Salton Sea, 2006, Return visit 2012
Blowing Rock, NC, 2006

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